3Kontakt/3Växel Text-to-Speech

3Kontakt/3Växel Text-to-Speech enables you to create sound files which can be used as welcome greetings, voice prompts or queue messages in 3Kontakt/3Växel.

STEP 1 - Create voice prompt

  1. Type the exact wording of your voice prompt.
  2. Choose the language of your text and download voice prompt to your computer.

Choose audio language:

STEP 2 - Upload and activate the voice prompt to 3Kontakt/3Växel

  1. Open the admin portal in a browser
  2. Select 'Voice prompts' in the 'Organization' tab.
  3. Select 'Voice prompts' below in the left menu
  4. Here you will see a list of all default and customized voice prompts. Select the voice prompt you want to replace (or create a new).
  5. Select 'Import file' and choose the file you just downloaded.
  6. The broken file is now replaced and the greeting has been activated.