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En tjej och kille i orangea tröjor. De har på sig VR glasögon och skrattar.

Work in tech at Tre

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Like a punkrocker with a helmet

Tre was started with the ambition to revolutionize the mobile industry - and our strategy was to learn as little as possible from our competitors.

Why did we think like that? Well, we thought that if we copy everyone else - then nothing will be better, smoother, more profitable or ... more fun? Then it will just be as usual. And there is no further incentive to go to work. Right?

Most people who work with technology at Tre are very different from each other, and we love that. Here we have people from all corners of the world working - and among other things, you get to choose which holidays are important to you and be able to be off on those days to celebrate. That is Trevligt!

Most of Tre’s tech is built in-house (+/- a lot of home offices, of course). Owning the process end-to-end gives us fantastic opportunities to improve, develop and change - fast! Both in terms of decisions and execution. For example, we work with the latest Java version and make sure that there is time to update the code. We are not so fond of spaghetti code. Therefore, we make sure that there is time to maintain what we have.

To make the most of both personal and working life, we work in a tight, flat organization with short lead times and clear areas of responsibility. It's not only exciting and challenging - it's also very smart. Because this way we avoid problems arising, things getting stuck or forgotten. The result? That we succeed in developing new technology that goes live to 3.5 million Swedish and Danish customers while you have time to close your computer in time to catch up on your Spanish course, raid or football training.

We believe in freedom with responsibility and do not work with titles such as junior and senior, since we know that all knowledge and experience is needed to constantly make the whole team better. We give a lot of space for creativity and our own ideas in combination with a lot of time for learning and development and we know that a strong but humble individual is required to build unbeatable teams!

Is your dream job vacant? Find out here!