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Roaming agreements.

International roaming partners.

As a member of the GSM Association (GSMA), 3 is constantly in the process of establishing new international roaming agreements with mobile operators. We have connections all over the world in more than 170 countries, including 400 partnerships.
Become our roaming partner and give your subscribers access to our award-winning network for voice, sms and data roaming services. Together, we can establish your roaming needs. We thoroughly test the connections before going live, making sure your customers will fully enjoy the quality of the 3’s services. After all tests are completed, we launch the services, typically three months after we have completed our contract. Your customers are ready to roam.

EU Commission regulations on Wholesale roaming direct access.

In response to the EU Commission's regulation No 531/2012 regarding ”roaming on public mobile communications networks within the Union”, 3 has introduced a standard offer for unilateral roaming agreements within the EU.

The services included in this reference offer are standard international roaming agreement services according to GSMA standard procedures.